Guide to Kratom Types

Concise Guide to Kratom Types

Differences in the type of Kratom found in Kratom capsules are attributed to where it is grown, how mature the Kratom is and its vein color. For example, white vein Kratom contains alkaloids that provide more euphoric, stimulating effects than red vein Kratom. People taking Kratom capsules containing white vein Kratom report mood enhancement and abundant energy but without the jittery feeling produced by three or more cups of caffeinated coffee. Athletes say they perform better and have greater endurance after consuming two or three capsules of white vein Kratom and do not experience the “crash and burn” that amphetamine users suffer several hours after ingesting a synthetic stimulant.

Red vein Kratom from Borneo is sedating and analgesic rather than stimulating and benefits people with insomnia, painful musculoskeletal conditions or generalized anxiety disorders. This special type of Kratom can even relieve the soreness and stiffness of mild to moderate arthritic conditions enough to allow those affected by arthritis to engage in light exercise without feeling discomfort. Moreover, red vein Kratom seems to have longer-lasting effect than other strains of Kratom, a benefit due to higher levels of pain-relieving, sedating alkaloids found in this strain of Kratom.

Considered the most “balanced” type of Kratom, green vein Kratom is said to come from mature Kratom tree leaves that produce both stimulating and sedating effects. Taking green vein Kratom capsules will give you serene yet empowering feeling that also imparts the energy and confidence needed to complete difficult tasks or maintain a sociable attitude at large gatherings. Although green vein Kratom may alleviate minor aches and pains, it is more applicable towards the improvement of emotional and psychological well-being rather than physical well-being.

Maeng Da Kratom

Consuming Kratom capsules containing Maeng Da Kratom gives users thde ultimate benefits of Kratom since it is the strongest type of Kratom available. Genetically altered to improve on the ability of Kratom’s natural alkaloids to effect pain relief, provide energy (when taken is low doses) and alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety, Maeng Da Kratom capsules offer the best that Kratom has to offer without the side effects caused by harsh prescription medications intended to treat the same health problems.

Naturally Grown Kratom vs. Home Grown Kratom

Kratom plants thrive in the tropical, humid environment of southeast Asia and do not tolerate cold, dry climates. The soil is also full of nutrients and moisture conducive to growing Kratom trees that are capable of producing an abundance of alkaloid-rich leaves. People who attempt to grow Kratom indoors or in their backyard often find that effects of this type of non-native Kratom are not nearly as potent as the effects experienced by Asian-grown Kratom. Researchers studying this phenomona think that the tropical climate in Borneo, Thailand and Sumtra, coupled with unique soil nutrients found in that part of the world, promote the strength of alkaloids such as mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine and raubasine that give Kratom its powerfully effective medicinal properties.

What Type of Kratom Capsule is Best?

First-time users of Kratom usually buy Kratom capsules wholesale to decide whether they like the product and want to continue using it. After experiencing the amazing physical and mental benefits of Kratom, people often elect to purchase a certain amount of each kind of Kratom, including the Maeng Da Kratom strain, to keep at home so they can readily address a variety of health problems as they emerge.


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