Kratom Capsules

Advantages to Kratom Capsules

Although Kratom is available in powder and crushed leaf form, the convenience of taking Kratom in easy-to-swallow, precisely dosed capsules is quickly making this the preferred method of experiencing the health benefits of Kratom. Moreover, encapsulated Kratom requires no measuring and can be taken anywhere with a small glass of water or other beverage. While some people may like sipping Kratom tea as a way to relax in the evening, others do not like the slight bitterness of Kratom powder and are choosing to buy Kratom capsules instead of powdered or crushed Kratom.

Comparing loosely packaged Kratom with Kratom capsules, users find that Kratom capsules are just as effective for relieving health problems, increasing energy levels or soothing nervousness and depression. How many Kratom capsules are needed to provide the desired effects (stimulating, analgesic or sedating) depends on a person’s weight, metabolism, tolerance for Kratom and if capsules were taken on an empty or full stomach.

For example, a low dose of Kratom consists of one or two capsules; a medium dose is three to five capsules and a strong dose would be about seven or eight capsules. Each Kratom capsule typically contains between 400 and 600 grams of Kratom powder. Strong doses should be reserved for times when a powerful sedative or analgesic is needed to relieve pain or chronic insomnia. Low doses work great when you need to increase energy levels and improve concentration abilities. Medium doses calm nerves and eases stress, gets rid of headaches or migraines and enhances overall feelings of well-being and contentment.

Why Kratom Capsules are Nature’s Perfect Medicine

Plants contain superchemicals called alkaloids that are simple, organic remedies for many of our health problems. Kratom is one such plant providing numerous alkaloids beneficial to human physiology, including mental and emotional stability. Kratom’s primary alkaloids are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, which are not only analgesics and adrenergics (energy and mood enhancers) but also help prevent diarrhea, suppress coughs due to colds and allergies and act as an effective antimalarial medicine in countries where malaria is endemic.

Additional alkaloids provided by Kratom include:

Raubasine–improves circulatory system functioning, inhibits formation of blood clots and acts a muscle relaxer to reduce the pain of muscle spasms and cramping.

Rauhimbine–sedative and pain reliever (an opioid receptor antagonist)

Corynoxeine–naturally blocks calcium channels to reduce the risk of high blood pressure

Corynoxine–mediates release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter and hormone that promotes motivation and cognitive functioning. Dopamine is also vasodilator, help reduce production of insulin and promotes gastrointestinal health by eliminating harmful bacteria.

Epicatechin–an alkaloid possessing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregant properties. According to several clinical studies, epicatechin may be an anti-carcinogenic alkaloid that holds promise as a cancer preventative and anti-leukemic agent.

Purchasing Kratom Capsules Wholesale

Buying Kratom capsules wholesale is the most convenient and affordable way to ensure you always have a constant supply of Kratom available to maintain optimal physical and mental health. Capsules have a long shelf life and do not require special environmental conditions for storage. In addition, Kratom capsules have an advantage over loose Kratom for people who are traveling and cannot access equipment to make Kratom tea. Relief from pain, fatigue, depression and other health issues is just a capsule or two away when carrying handy Kratom capsules with you at all times.